Waggit Smart Dog Health Wearable

Take caring of man’s best crony with a Waggit Smart Dog Health Wearable. Attaching to your dog’s collar, this implausible device provides we with minute metrics. It’s like a aptness tracker for your pet. Once in place, Waggit marks how most your dog moves, their nutrition, and even if they’re home protected and sound. Because your best blossom can’t talk, Waggit creates it probable to know accurately what your dog needs and when. Pairing with a app on your smartphone, Waggit indeed learns what “normal” is for your dog. Then, a intelligent device will warning we if anything is amiss, including their heat and resting respiration rate. You can even check on their nap quality. With all of these details, Waggit creates it probable to make sensitive decisions to keep your dog as happy as can be.

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