Virtuali-Tee Lets Users Learn About The Body Using Virtual Reality

Virtuali-Tee Lets Users Learn About The Body Using Virtual Reality

This intelligent T-shirt allows users to open an app and use a VR headset to try and learn some-more about a tellurian body.
(Photo : Curiscope)

Remember a uncover The Magic School Bus that featured episodes where we got to dive into a blood tide to learn about biology? Well, now we can knowledge what it feels like to get inside a physique ourselves regulating a practical existence headset, an app and this overwhelming T-shirt.

Virtuali-Tee is a “smart T-shirt” that facilities a printed formula that allows we to see inside a tellurian body. The user would start by downloading a concomitant iOS and Android app, and afterwards indicate their smartphone or inscription during a chairman wearing a Virtuali-Tee.

The app afterwards scans a shirt most like a QR code, usually instead of bringing a user to a website, a T-shirt comes to life with an charcterised 3D indication of a tip half of a physique that appears X-ray prophesy style.


Created by Curiscope, a practical and protracted existence preparation company, a T-shirt unlocks a practical knowledge that allows people to see several aspects of a body, such as what a violence heart and respirating lungs looks like, how practice affects a body, and what it looks like to digest food.

“Our design as a association is to move training to life, either that’s by a VR knowledge or, in a box of a Virtuali-Tee, by utterly literally bringing a physique to life, in a approach that would differently be impossible,” Curiscope CEO Ed Barton told Tech Times. “We’ve seen other AR products descending brief and never relocating over a gimmick factor. With a Virtuali-Tee, we saw a ideal event to take training out of a text and to make a anatomy feel as genuine as possible.”

Besides being means to see a body’s viscera on a screen, users can also puncture deeper with a app and learn some-more about some aspects of body, like a circulatory or urinary system, by a visible knowledge by relocating closer to a T-shirt.

While a app provides a charcterised experience, users can turn even some-more enthralled regulating a practical existence headset. This allows we to get serve inside to get an even some-more adult tighten and personal biology lesson.

Virtuali-Tee is ideal for teachers looking to get their students vehement about training anatomy, relatives wanting to move some play into training with their kids, or for scholarship enthusiasts who adore record and cold T-shirts. The app even facilities a selfie mode so a chairman wearing a T-shirt can see inside their possess body, as it is means to work around a mirror.

To be means to get Virtuali-Tee to a public, Curiscope recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. It has already lifted some-more than $87,000 of a $96,957 goal, with 3 days to go.

With a early bird specials sole out, Virtuali-Tee is accessible starting during $55 in a choice of red, immature or blue, and from sizes from 5 years and adult to adult distance XL. The T-shirt will also come with a Curiscope Google Cardboard for this price. Virtuali-Tee is approaching to boat this August.

Curiscope also has skeleton to try VR and AR products in further to T-shirts that embody other earthy objects, as good as 3D room tracking to emanate an immersive experience. Barton also suggested a association is operative on a VR knowledge that would let users teleport to unfit places.

Source: Kickstarter

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