Urbanears Zinken On-Ear DJ Headphones

Enhance your DJing knowledge with a Urbanears Zinken On-Ear DJ Headphones. The on-ear construction of these headphones isolates a sound around we so we can concentration on a music. Likewise, their full-sized pattern creates it easier to hear a accurate sum of a lane you’re about to play. The headphones also come with pivot ear caps, creation them variable and comfortable. Similarly, a tractable wipe ensures that we can wear a headphones for prolonged durations but discomfort. The Zinken headphones also yield a ZoundPlug, enabling we to share song in an instant. Plus, they offer dual-duty TurnCable so we can facilely swap between your slot and mixer music. The dual TurnCable plugs embody a 6.3mm block for your DJ sessions as good as a 3.5mm block for unchanging listening. Finally, a Zinken headphones are collapsible so we can simply lift them anywhere.

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