Tough Samsung Galaxy S7 Active En Route: What To Expect

Galaxy S6 Active

Unlike a Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, that are IP68 approved for dust-proofing and H2O resistance, a rarely approaching Galaxy S7 Active will take it adult to a subsequent turn with troops class acceptance opposite a elements. Known as MIL-STD-810G, a acceptance is used by a U.S. Department of Defense for products deployed for troops purposes.
(Photo : Samsung)

Samsung has a clever story of holding a flagships and spinning them off into opposite variants. The subsequent one we’re certain to see is a Galaxy S7 Active.

The company’s past flagships have run a same recycling route. The Galaxy S5, for example, had no reduction than 4 variants birthed from a original: a S5 Neo, S5 Mini, S5 Active, and S5 Sport. Samsung, however, did trim down a fat when a Galaxy S6 was expelled and usually offered the S6 Active.

What we’re expecting next is a Galaxy S7 Active. Leaked by tried-and-true tipster Evan Blass, A.K.A. @evleaks, a Galaxy S7 Active codenamed “Poseidon” seems to be undergoing contrast by ATT.

“ATT is contrast a handset, Samsung SM-G891A. GS6 Active is G890A. Updated SKU, GS7 Active, or other?” Blass recently shared over his renouned Twitter account.

Besides a “Active” badge, what should unequivocally set a arriving device detached from a strange S7 is troops class insurance from a elements. Unlike a stream stand of Galaxy S7s, that are usually IP68 certified, definition a S7s are dustproof and H2O resistant adult to one scale of H2O for usually 30 minutes, a Galaxy S7 Active is approaching to offer even larger protection.

The subsequent turn of acceptance a Galaxy S7 Active will approaching exaggerate is famous as MIL-STD-810G. This form of acceptance is one that a United States Department of Defense adopts on products it uses for troops purposes. That’s right. The Galaxy S7 Active will be built like a tank.

But a Galaxy S7 Active won’t be a initial Samsung device to have achieved MIL-STD-810G certification. Last year’s flagship, a Galaxy S6 Active, had it as well, and it valid to be one tough cookie to crack.

To be MIL-STD-810G certified, a product contingency bear a series of laboratory exam methods that embody low pressure, high pressure, low temperature, high temperature, solar radiation, rain, humidity, mildew tests, and even all kinds of shock, such as pyroshock, gunfire startle and, of course, ballistic shock.

Companies putting their products by such kinds of impassioned conditions indeed don’t have to pass all a tests to be MIL-STD-810G certified. They do, however, have to mention that tests a product indeed passed. In a Galaxy S6 Active’s case, a device upheld by 20 opposite categories.

The Galaxy S7 Active afterwards is approaching to be on standard with final year’s S6 Active, and still reason a possess (if not more) opposite Mother Nature. Of course, a S7 Active will substantially be bigger than a predecessors and, as a result, offer a bigger battery for most longer battery life, too. Otherwise, it should come with roughly a same specs as a flagship Galaxy S7.

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