The Fitbit Ionic’s initial vital refurbish adds new apps and watchfaces

Fitbit is releasing a initial vital refurbish to a Fitbit OS module on a flagship Ionic smartwatch today, bringing a horde of new apps and watchfaces to a fledging smartwatch platform.

Leading a assign are 14 new apps from vital companies that have been designed privately for Fitbit’s platform: Surfline, Clue, Game Golf, Hue Lights, Walgreens, Nest, Yelp, Flipboard, The New York Times, TripAdvisor, Uber, United Airlines, British Airways, and Lyft. Some of those apps (like The New York Times, Yelp, and Hue Lights) will be accessible starting today, though a infancy are slated as entrance “before a finish of a year” or in January.

Fitbit has also designed 3 new watchfaces for a Ionic that are bundled with a new update: levels, threads, and mountainscape. Additionally, there’s a new Fitbit Leaderboard app, that lets users review their aptness stats opposite friends and family directly from a Ionic.

Along with these central Fitbit apps and watchfaces, a association is adding a new widespread of curated user-created apps to a Ionic, some of that a association is previewing here. (It contingency be pronounced that they demeanour some-more than a small like ported Pebble apps, that creates clarity given Fitbit OS’s Pebble-based heritage.)

Lastly, Fitbit is adding a new early entrance contrast module for a Ionic called Fitbit Labs, that will concede users to exam out “experimental apps and time faces.” The module launches currently with dual apps: a Fitbit Pet watchface that’s a small like a Tamagotchi, and an app called Think Fast that looks to exam mental sharpness. Three some-more apps — a mood-tracking watchface, a tennis-tracking app, and a treasure-hunting diversion — are also slated to hurl out in for Fitbit Labs testers after this month.