STICK iT All-In-One Universal Device Mount

Easily hang your smartphone to any aspect with a STICK iT All-In-One Universal Device Mount. Suitable for smartphones and cameras, this reclinable ascent complement lets we repair your device to whatever aspect we want. In fact, it works on both severe and well-spoken surfaces. STICK iT comes with discerning ascent system, that works on all existent action-camera mounts. The law pattern facilities a removable gummy pad on both sides. Made from high resistant materials, STICK iT is also impossibly strong. Weighing only 34 grams, a complement is lightweight and small. If it gets reduction gummy over time, simply rinse it with H2O to revive the stickiness. Moreover, STICK iT comes off simply when we stagger it, yet it won’t come off if we lift it.

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