Spy Code Safe Breaker diversion review: Listen for a solution

Kidsday reporters Arjun Airen, left, and Marco D'Alessandro

Kidsday reporters Arjun Airen, left, and Marco D’Alessandro played Spy Code Safe Breaker. Photo Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Have we played a new diversion Spy Code Safe Breaker (Yulu)? If not, we are blank out on some fun. It’s a good diversion for dual to 4 players. Each diversion takes about 15 minutes.

The goal in a diversion is to mangle open a protected by enormous a code. There are 3 opposite coins in a game: a bullion coin, a solid silver and an alarm time coin. If we get a alarm coin, that means that a military have been alerted, and we have to immediately put all your coins behind into a safe.

The box includes a safe, a view stethoscope, 18 cards, 15 coins, 4 stickers and a diversion rules. You will need 3 AA batteries and a Phillips screwdriver to insert a batteries.

To start, a youngest actor picks a card. Then a actor turns a dial to that number. The actor puts a finger on a fingerprint scanner on tip of a safe. If a protected doesn’t open, a actor listens by a view stethoscope. The actor will hear one of these 3 noises: “ping ping” (high sound), “boom boom” (low sound) and “alarm bell”(sirens blaring). “Ping ping” means that a series to open a protected is higher. “Boom boom,” means that a series is lower. “Alarm bell,” means that your spin gets skipped. The initial chairman to get 5 bullion coins or dual diamonds wins.

Rating: 4.5 smiles out of 5