Somnox Robotic Cuddling Pillow

Cuddle adult to get some nap with a Somnox Robotic Cuddling Pillow. Yes, we review that rightly – this drudge indeed cuddles with you. This nap messenger provides only what we need to deposit we off to sleep. Plus, via a night, you’ll stay defunct longer and arise adult feeling refreshed. Incredibly, a Somnox helps we to umpire your respirating to assistance we tumble asleep. In addition, it offers audio partner to relax you. You can select from meditation, heartbeats, lullabies, or even select from your possess uploads. To use Somnox, simply cuddle adult like it’s a teddy bear and let it get to work. Your mind and physique will shortly turn relaxed, permitting we to get a many out of your sleep. Available in Sep 2018, we can pre-order now.

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