SockDock 2-in-1 Sock Organizer

Always know where your hosiery are with a Amazon SockDock 2-in-1 Sock Organizer. The SockDock is an easy-to-use and elementary sock organizer that we can use for storing, washing, and drying your socks. The 2-in-1 complement prevents we from losing your hosiery while organizing them during a same time. To use a SockDock, simply supplement your hosiery and secure them with a tractable sliders. Then rinse and dry them as we greatfully and hang them behind in a closet when you’re done. Additionally, a SockDock comes in pairs so we can use one for unwashed hosiery and a other for purify socks. Likewise, it works with any distance hosiery from baby to adult. In fact, a SockDock also works with scarves, undergarments, hats, gloves and more. Each SockDock binds 9 pairs of hosiery and is both washer and dryer safe.

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