SIEGE Extreme Camp and Survival Stove

Be prepared for anything with a SIEGE Extreme Camping and Survival Stove. Featuring law concept Cross-Members, this camping tool translates roughly any typical can into a high-performance stove. It has been tested and proven in imperishable conditions around a universe by experts in backpacking, camping, bushcraft, and survival. Tough, compact, and lightweight, a SIEGE stove comes in both titanium and immaculate steel options. Made in a USA, this multi-fuel stove is additional fast and versatile. It beam some-more than other stoves to fit opposite organisation sizes, adult to a #10 food can and even a gallon paint can. In addition, we can fast arrange IKEA bin stoves and even wood-gas stoves. The concept Cross-Members also work with a ultra-compact SIEGE Flat-Pack Stove. Perfect for grilling, we can accessorize your SIEGE stove with a singular SIEGE Side Toasters and Folding Grills.

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