Should we force tighten your apps?

I force tighten my apps all a time. we double click a home symbol on my iPhone 6S and tighten out of each app I’ve used, even in a past 20 minutes. It’s a terrible habit, though it creates me feel good. Maybe it’s even an obsessive-compulsive tendency? Regardless, I’ve always wondered: is force shutting apps good for my phone? Is it indeed bad for it?

I took to a internet. A integrate years ago, SVP of platforms and ecosystems during Google, Hiroshi Lockheimer, tweeted to a integrate tech reporters that it’s best to leave Android alone. The OS will conduct apps for you; there’s no need to manually force tighten them.

iOS does a same. we called adult an eccentric iOS developer, Ish Shabazz, who endorsed opposite it. And even Apple says it’s not a good idea. In an email to a user final year, Apple’s SVP of program engineering, Craig Federighi, pronounced that quitting iOS apps doesn’t assistance battery life. He doesn’t do it. Apple’s support page also says to usually force tighten apps when they’re unresponsive.

Although I’m peaceful to accept that force shutting apps is bad, I’m not quitting a habit. It feels too good! Sorry ’bout it.