ShapeScale 3D Body Scan Fitness Scale

Map your physique like never before when we have a ShapeScale 3D Body Scan Fitness Scale. This implausible device helps we magnitude your body, annals your weight, and it even marks your fitness. By simply stepping on top, we can now daydream fat detriment as good as flesh gain. The ShapeScale facilities a height as good as a scanning module. In only a minute, it gives we an whole 3D indicate of your body. As your physique changes, a ShapeScale shows we all a swell you’ve made. Using a ShapeScale app, we can perspective a photorealistic 3D indicate and see each angle. The ShapeScale is a 3D aptness tracker that gives we rare proclivity to keep going until we strike your goals. In further to a scan, we can also perspective 3D heatmaps. After your workout, we can daydream where you’ve worked a hardest.

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