RUNVI Advanced Digital Running Coach

Improve your form as we run with a RUNVI Advanced Digital Running Coach. Coming in a form of soles for your shoes, this intelligent complement provides we with a real-time coach. The intelligent app communicates with we around your smartwatch or your smartphone. In addition, it provides coaching in a form of visible and audio alerts. With 30 vigour sensors and dual accelerometers, we can balance into a common metrics such as distance, pace, calories, and elevation. But, RUNVI goes a step serve and tells we about your cadence, foot-strike pattern, and symmetry. With all of this information, we can adjust your form. And, a coaching takes things even serve by bettering to your goals for personalized training. It includes indications of fatigue, physique viewpoint feedback, coaching calm and videos, and so most more. RUNVI also has song integration, GPS, and automatically recognizes activity.

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