RepAir Smart Unisex T-Shirt

Help purify a atmosphere from wickedness with Kloters RepAir Smart Unisex T-Shirt. This implausible T-Shirt cleans a atmosphere around we as we wear it. Each t-shirt is able of offsetting a emissions constructed by a homogeneous of dual cars. The shirts underline an insert done of a Breath, a law element that captures pollutants like Nox VOCs, Sox, benzene, and even odors. The insert is located in a t-shirt slot and is H2O repellent. Composed of dual outmost printable and antibacterial layers, it encloses an intermediate, nano molecules-activated core. This core is able of separating, absorbing, and maintaining pollutants. RepAir works with 0 impact, so it doesn’t need activation or appetite from an outmost appetite source. The RepAir t-shirt has been designed and constructed in Italy. With a stylish and undying design, it facilities high-grade string and sum to boost a continuance and altogether sustainability. Now we can assistance purify a atmosphere we breathe only by wearing a comfy t-shirts.

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