Razer Phone Review: The Right Way To Make A Gaming Phone

Previous attempts during formulating a gaming-centric smartphone embody phones with slide-out diversion controllers, a cranky between a Sony PlayStation Portable and a phone and a Nokia N-Gage. For a initial gaming phone, Razer went with a absolute black rectangle with a overwhelming arrangement and superb speakers. Smart move.

Rather than formulating a frankensteinian hybrid of a unstable gaming console and dungeon phone, Razer built a some-more normal phone and given it with a best probable hardware for Android gaming. It’s built off a renouned Robin phone from Nextbit, a association Razer purchased in Jan of this year. The Razer Phone is packaged some-more estimate energy and RAM (a whopping 8GB) than any Android diversion could presumably need.

On a outward is a span of unequivocally shrill speakers and a world’s initial 120 Hz “UltraMotion” display, a non-static refresh-rate shade able of regulating during adult to 120 frames per second.


Loaded with a vanilla chronicle of Android 7.1.1. (with an ascent to Android Oreo due early subsequent year), it’s not bogged down by bloatware. There is a Razer Theme store featuring special game-themes to be used on a device, though many if not all of a themes are giveaway to download. The usually estimable preloaded square of program is Nova Launcher Prime, a renouned third-party personalization app that’s a poetic inclusion.

It all adds adult to a $700 Android phone that plays games improved than other Android phones—faster, smoother. It’s arrange of like a Xbox One X of Android phones. Maybe that’s a bad comparison.

Razer Phone Specs

Android 7.1.1 • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor • 8GB of RAM • 64GB of storage • microSD label container • 5.7-inch QHD IGZO LCD arrangement with 120 Hz modernise rate • twin 12-MP back cameras • 8-MP front camera • twin stereo speakers • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wi-fi • Bluetooth 4.2 • Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 • 4,000 mAh battery • 6.24 x 3.06 x 0.31-inches • 6.94 ounces • U.S. Carriers (GSM) T-Mobile, ATT

The Upside

A Ridiculously Speedy Display: It competence not have a cocktail and liughtness of an AMOLED display, though a Razer Phone’s 1440p IPS LCD arrangement is a smoothest thing going. Swiping by email and Twitter feeds during 120 frames per second is a delight. According to a support rate arrangement in a phone’s modernized settings, a FPS hovers in a teenagers while sitting on a home screen, though jumps to 120 when swiping and scrolling (it can be capped off during 30 or 60 for a tiny additional battery life). It’s by distant a many beguiling knowledge I’ve had navigating an Android phone.

Gaming Performance: Between a quick display, a absolute Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and an impracticable 8GB of RAM, a Razer Phone excels during doing what it was designed to do—playing games. It’s straightforwardly able of doing any diversion Google Play throws during it, though where it unequivocally excels is games privately extended to take advantage of a singular specs.


Most Android games and apps are capped during 60 frames per second. Razer has partnered with several renouned mobile diversion developers to cgange their existent and arriving games to go over that. Gear Club’s automobile races run during around 75 frames per second, depending on settings. One of my favorite mobile games, unconstrained snowboarder Alto’s Adventure, runs consistently during 120 FPS.

Upcoming games including support for a Razer Phone embody Tencent’s extravagantly renouned MOBA Arena of Valor and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. we can’t wait to see how they play.

Those Speakers: The front-facing speakers on a Razer Phone take adult a lot of genuine estate, though they’re totally value it. This is a loudest mobile phone I’ve ever used, violence out my aged HTC One with a Beats speakers.

Razer calls this a gaming phone, though I’d contend it’s equally considerable as a media expenditure device. I’ve watched a whole lot of Crunchyroll on this thing, and zero beats it for display friends a video in a swarming bar.

Battery Life: Razer put a biggest battery it could into this phone, so large they couldn’t embody a headphone jack (see below). The 4,000 mAh battery is a beast, durability some-more than a day and a half during normal use with a peculiar gaming event thrown in. It’s even some-more considerable if we aren’t gaming. During my initial week with a examination section we didn’t get in most play time, regulating it for simple calling, texting, email and such. we charged a phone to full on Saturday and didn’t have to block it in until Tuesday morning.

Not usually does it final long, it charges quick as well, going from emptied to full over a march of an hour and change.


Design And Build: It’s a black rectangle. we like black rectangles. Others don’t. I’m certain many would cite some soothing curves around a edges. we am not one of those many.

It’s a black rectangle done of aluminium, a same element and finish as Razer’s Blade line of laptops. Only where my Blade has a integrate of nicks in it from bumping into things, divulgence china steel underneath (they expostulate me inside), a phone is unscuffed notwithstanding several drops, sitting on a table filled with dangerous implements and roving in a slot filled with lax change.

The Downside

The Camera: The Razer Phone’s camera isn’t bad. The enclosed camera app could use some-more facilities (i.e., any features), though there are copiousness of third-party apps out there to make adult for that oversight. The emanate is it seems to have problems focusing and staying focused.

Most of a cinema I’ve taken with a phone are endurable though a tiny bit on a becloud side. Razer recently expelled a program refurbish improving camera performance, so there’s a possibility it could get improved down a line. For now, if one of a primary uses for your phone is pictures, we could do improved (like a genuine camera).


The Speaker Grills: The speakers are great, though in an sourroundings disposed to dust, tiny holes a ideal distance to trap floating white particles is reduction than ideal.

I have no thought what that white line trapped in my bottom orator is. we don’t consider we have anything tiny adequate to get it out though deleterious a phone. Send help.


No Headphone Jack: While Razer had good reason for withdrawal out a headphone jack and enclosed a THX-certified USB-C audio adapter with 24-bit digital audio converter (DAC) in a place, it’s still a underline we skip a good deal, generally in a phone built for gaming. There are Bluetooth headsets, sure, though we have a ton of connected headsets already. Audio by a USB-C adapter is excellent, though we can’t assign a phone with it plugged in. Perhaps they can conform some arrange of splitter. That would be nice.

Final Thoughts

This is how we make a gaming phone. No gimmicky controllers or absurd shapes—just a neat square of hardware with a energy to describe graphics, siphon out sound and fundamentally run games improved than anything else out there. A gaming PC can be a black box with absolute insides. So can a gaming phone.

Razer’s initial try isn’t perfect, though it’s a damn good start.