QUARTZ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Say goodbye to bacteria-filled H2O guzzling and hello to a QUARTZ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle. This intelligent bottle achieves digital catharsis with a UVC light that is built inside a cap. With a hold of a button, a QUARTZ Bottle entirely purifies your H2O in only 60 seconds. In fact, it neutralizes adult to 99.9999% of germs. In further to primer operation, a QUARTZ Bottle automatically cleans ever 4 hours. The immaculate steel element is opening hermetic so it also keeps your beverages a best temperature. Hot drinks stay prohibited for 12 hours and cold drinks for an considerable 24 hours. Plus, a QUARTZ Bottle will never sweat. It truly ticks all a boxes to keep we hydrated and healthy while you’re a go. It’s good for a gym, cross-country adventures, or even only for a office. The battery lasts a full dual months before wanting a recharge so we can transport with sum assent of mind.

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