Qi-Infinity 2-Coils Fast Wireless Folding Charger

Quickly assign your phone in any course with a Qi-Infinity 2-Coils Fast Wireless Folding Charger. The Qi-Infinity 2-Coils offers a 1.4x faster rate of charging than customary wireless chargers. Featuring a folding design, a wireless horse allows we to place your phone both plumb and horizontally. It also supports 0-90 grade angles for your observation pleasure and has an anti-slip ring to keep it in place. Additionally, a horse offers a singular pattern that keeps a feverishness underneath 40 degrees Celsius. Likewise, it extends battery life but producing extreme heat. Simply dump your device to start charging, but any con or cables. In fact, we can even find it in a dim interjection to a soothing heat of a LED light. The horse offers under-voltage, over-voltage and short-circuit insurance to keep your phone safe. The 2-Coils wireless horse works with Qi-enabled devices.

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