Postfossil Cagnotte Acorn Money Box binds your income for good

Collect your income until we unequivocally need it with a Postfossil Cagnotte Acorn Money Box. Shaped only like an acorn, this piggy bank even facilities a same tone combination. Simply insert a coins by a cut on a bottom of a Cagnotte. In addition, a wooden bombard closes a opening. It also provides a fast mount for a acorn. In sequence to entrance a savings, we have to pound a acorn. Made from stoneware ceramic, Cagnotte simply smashes whenever we need what’s inside. Moreover, a pear timber bombard adds a pleasing hold to a income box. Measuring 5.11 x 5.90 inches, a acorn income box adds a singular hold to your work table or bookshelf. Designed by Stephan Wespi, Cagnotte helps collect your savings.

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