Poll: How many discuss apps do we use?

Last month we argued that a phones, be they Android or iOS, have flattering many solved discuss fragmentation. The approach they hoop notifications and contacts helps us keep lane of everybody we discuss with, no matter what app they use. Agree or not, there’s no denying that we’re regulating some-more discuss apps than ever.

When we sum adult all of a apps we use to discuss with people, we count Messages, Slack, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter — and that’s only on my phone’s many critical genuine estate: shade one. Diving deeper we also count Facbeook Messenger, Snapchat, Skype, Hangouts, and Signal. Excluding email, that gives me a sum of 10 apps that duty as unchanging discuss clients with during slightest one of my contacts.

So, what about we dear reader, how many discuss apps do we use?