Monarch Box Slim Engagement Ring Box

Keep your offer a sum warn with a Monarch Box Slim Engagement Ring Box. Carrying around a large ring box can be a passed giveaway when it comes to proposing. Don’t spoil a surprise. Instead, use a Monarch Box, that is usually 12mm thick and weighs usually 60 grams. Likewise, a rendezvous ring box simply slips into your slot until you’re prepared to make a move. Additionally, it comes with clever magnets that emanate a ideal sign to strengthen a ring inside. The Monarch Box also facilities a durable extraneous and soothing spousal satin lining, creation it both superb and stylish. Furthermore, a rendezvous ring box fits a limit ring hole of 10.5mm and a limit ring density of 4mm. Finally, a Monarch Box comes with a medium and rare black exterior.

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