Modobag Motorized Rideable Carry-On Luggage

Conveniently zip around a airfield with a Modobag Motorized Rideable Carry-On Luggage. This unconventional bag creates roving most easier by removing your luggage to do a complicated lifting. Instead of pulling your luggage along with you, a Modobag allows we to float it to your destination. Additionally, a Modobag can lift riders adult to 260 pounds and offers a make-up space of 2000 cubic inches. The carry-on luggage travels adult to 6 miles on a full assign and reaches speeds of 8 miles per hour. You’ll never skip your moody again. Plus, a lightweight pattern creates it easy to lift it behind we when we wish to switch it up. Moreover, a Modobag provides twin USB charging ports to give your wiring energy on a go. The bag also offers discretionary GPRS-GSM tracking so we can always know keep an eye on your luggage.

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