Microsoft only done it easier to emanate iOS and Android apps with Windows

At Build 2017, Microsoft showed off a cross-platform energy of a .NET framework, by demonstrating how apps could be simply combined on a Windows PC and work on iOS, Android, and Windows all by a singular common formula base.

But Microsoft didn’t stop there. While a .NET Standard 2.0 formula bottom allows apps to share code, a strange XAML libraries for building user interfaces weren’t cranky compatible. So, Microsoft also announced XAML Standard 1.0, a one markup denunciation for user interface elements that works opposite Windows, iOS, and Android.

Or, in easier terms — Microsoft now has a common formula library that allows developers to simply emanate apps for all 3 platforms with a same user interface with a minimal volume of effort. Which can usually be a good thing for everyone, regardless of a OS we prefer.

Additionally, Microsoft announced functionality for building iOS apps directly from a Windows PC regulating a new apparatus called a Xamarin Live Player. It’s an iOS focus that developers can span with Visual Studio and muster formula to an iOS device, while still progressing a same debugging utilities of Visual Studio. Developers will also be means to use a same live modifying collection from Visual Studio in iOS developement.