Matador NanoDry Compact Nanofiber Towel

Quickly dry off no matter where we are with a Matador NanoDry Compact Nanofiber Towel. The Matador NanoDry is a Nanodry Microfiber towel that can catch 2.3 times a weight in water. Weighing only 142 grams, a light towel conveniently folds to fit into a silicone carrying case. Additionally, a carrying box comes with a carabiner connection so we can simply shave it to your bag, trek or pocket. Despite a tiny size, a NanoDry towel is indeed a full-size showering towel that unfolds to 47 x 24 inches. Likewise, it is suitable for adults going to a beach, gym or on a camping trip. Furthermore, a NanoDry towel dries unusually fast. It also comes with a obstacle loop for hang drying. Finally, a box comes with vents, so your other rigging stays apart and dry.

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