LucidCam True 3D VR 180 Camera

Capture life by your eyes with a LucidCam True 3D VR 180 Camera. This camera annals all we see in overwhelming 4K during 30 frames per second. Additionally, it comes with 2K and 3K options as good as allows we to constraint 4K still photos. The twin microphones also collect adult a sounds that we hear along a way. Thanks to Android and iPhone compatibility, we can watch your calm on your smartphone in 3D. The LucidCam also has binocular prophesy to capacitate we to record what’s right in front of we in loyal stereoscopic 3D VR. Furthermore, we can mountain a camera anywhere. Weighing usually .5 pounds, we can simply lift and film wherever we like. It also comes in the possess box so we can simply trip it into your slot or bag.

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