LG G5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Speed Test: Which Flagship Smartphone Is Faster?

S7 corner vs. G5

The LG G5 ans Samsung Galaxy S7 corner are a lot comparison in terms of a things that make them go. A tech organisation has array a dual flagship phones opposite any other to separate a few hairs.
(Photo : XeeTechCare)

With launches reduction than a month apart, a latest flagship phones from Korean tech companies LG and Samsung are within banishment operation of one another. As such, a Internet has been pitting a dual customary bearers opposite any other and XeeTechCare is a latest organisation to do so.

XeeTechCare array a S7 edge and G5 opposite any other in a speed exam that enclosed booting, app loading, browsing, multiatsking and fingerprint intuiting challenges.

Before removing to a competition, a word on their stats.

Both a G5 and S7 corner come with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors, yet a various of a S7 corner comes with a Samsung Exynos 8890 CPU instead. And versions of both handsets come with Adreno 530 GPUs.

They’re both propitious with 4 GB of RAM and during slightest 32 GB of storage space. The S7 corner has a somewhat incomparable display, 5.5 inches to a G5’s 5.3 inches, yet they both put out resolutions of 1,440 x 2,560.

The S7 corner kick out a G5 in fingerprint intuiting and bootup, yet a G5 won any of a 5 legs in a Browsing apportionment of a foe (thanks Android Community). The G5 was faster to a finish line when regulating Google Chrome, following links, visiting websites and opening news stories.

The App Loading plea was split. The dual phones even tied on a Facebook and Instagram portions of a challenge.

The G5 installed a Google Play Store, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and a YouTube app faster than a rival. And a S7 corner searched YouTube faster, was quicker on a pull with video playback, installed Temple Run faster and started Subway Surfer earlier than a G5.

The formula of a exam left XeeTechCare clearly tender with both a S7 corner and a G5.

“Even yet a S7 Edge is improved in terms of benchmarks — it has a improved multi-core score,” pronounced XeeTechCare, adding: “In genuine life, you’re not going to notice that most of a difference. So yeah, flattering overwhelming phones speedwise. Amazing, amazing.”

Here’s XeeTechCare’s full comparison on a Samsung S7 Edge and LG G5:

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