Leica CL Vintage Mirrorless Camera

Introducing a Leica CL Vintage Mirrorless Camera. Called Oskar’s Legacy, this nifty square of pack combines a retro cultured with impossibly complicated features. It’s named after Oskar Barnack who helped rise a initial Leica camera. The absolute 24MP, APS-C format sensor delivers ultra high-resolution images. It works with a Maestro II array processor and puts to work 49 opposite metering points. The outcome is impressively transparent clear captures with exquisite detail. In further to stills, this compress camera also does video. It annals adult to 4K during 30 frames per second so we can unequivocally constraint all a action. Helping we spike each shot is a EyeRes viewfinder for sum control. With 2.36 million dots, it’s a largest probable viewfinder image. Of course, this record all ties in with a oppulance of Leica for a truly innovative experience.

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