Juju & Jake Long Braided Crib Bumper

Keep your baby protected and sound with a Juju Jake Long Braided Crib Bumper. This super soothing fender helps to strengthen your child in many opposite ways. You can use it to safeguard their hands and feet don’t get stranded while they’re resting in a crib. Likewise, it protects your baby’s conduct from attack a walls of a crib. Unlike customary bumpers, a prolonged braided fender allows for some-more airflow by a crib. It also comes in over fifteen colors, creation it easy to compare your hothouse décor. In fact, we can brew and compare dual or 3 colors and even name a some-more widespread color. Furthermore, a crib fender comes in 6 opposite sizes. The smallest distance covers only one brief side of a crib while a largest covers all 4 sides. You can also use a bumpers as musical pillows or stomach time support.

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