JP Devine Movie Review: ‘Molly’s Game’

I don’t know anything about poker, though we adore poker movies, generally Norman Jewison’s “The Cincinnati Kid.”

I once had a crony who was dependant to high-level poker games and mislaid a fortune, so because would we be meddlesome in doing that?

Movie info

“Molly’s Game”

Biography, drama

The loyal story of Molly Bloom, an Olympic-class skier who ran a world’s many disdainful high-stakes poker diversion and became an FBI target.

Length: 140 minutes

MPAA rating: R for language, drug calm and some violence

Director: Aaron Sorkin

Writers: Molly Bloom (book), Aaron Sorkin (screenplay)

Stars: Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner


I know even reduction about veteran skiing, or skiing during any level. It’s cold and dangerous, it killed Sonny Bono, Natasha Richardson, Michael L. Kennedy, and Alfonso, Duke of Anjou and Cadiz. So because would we be meddlesome in doing that?

I’ll tell we what interests me, Jessica Chastain interests me.

I’ve seen all of her films and examination her, is for me, like celebration good wine, we can’t get adequate of her.

I could watch Jessica in a home movie, drying her clothes, vacuuming a rugs, training her kids how to read, bringing in a paper and creation oatmeal.

So in “Molly’s Game” we get to learn about high-risk poker, Olympic audition skiing, and all while examination Jessica. A good deal.

Jessica is Molly Bloom, an American beauty rose with a Russian Jewish heritage, with a determined clergyman father (Kevin Costner in his smallest and biggest role).

We contend hello to Molly as a child skier who could have been an Olympic champion, though blew it early in a diversion by attack a stick.

We contend goodbye to her in a justice room with everything, millions of dollars, her life and her leisure on a line. It’s a tingly scene, a monumental sequence, scarier than failing on a slope or losing $6 million in one poker hand.

But a best theatre in a film, a tiny one set on a Central Park bench, is, for me, memorable. Her father, Kevin Costner, a psychologist, final an answer to 3 questions, and all we need to know about Molly and were fearful to ask, is answered.

Molly, always a tough razor-sharp square of work, grew adult and became a dame of high-stakes poker games. She had it all, beautiful clothes, heart-stopping looks and a mind for fact like Stephen Hawking.

I forgot to tell you. “Molly” is created and destined by Aaron Sorkin, a good Aaron Sorkin who gave us high speed bullets like “The West Wing,” “A Few Good Men” and “Social Network.” That’s all we need to know about a picture’s power.

He writes with a appurtenance gun, though this is his initial shot behind a camera, and he doesn’t tumble on a stick.

Bloom’s genuine life players, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Tobey Maguire all mentioned in her book of a same title, were among her tip weekly players.

Then, Boom! One morning her phone wakes her. “This is a FBI. We’re during your door. You have 5 mins to open it or we’re violation it down.”

Molly will need a counsel quick and she gets one, substantially a best counsel given Clarence Darrow. Meet Idris Elba, (“The Wire,” “The Dark Tower”) who favors white shirts and $250,000 billing hours.

Then after a cold inquire meeting, he takes her on, and a film unequivocally starts to percolate. Elba, always a good general actor, sets a shade on fire.

Between a dual of them, they surpass a Santa Barbara blaze. Find something else for them to do.

Charlotte Bruus Christensen’s camera focuses on a essentials. Beautiful work.

“Molly Bloom” is, of course, a certain glow Oscar contender, in a year when roughly all using is. It’s gonna be a large night during a Kodak.

J.P. Devine, of Waterville, is a former theatre and film actor.





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