iPhone SE AnTuTu Benchmark Score Shows It Outperforms iPhone 6s, Closer To iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone SE

iPhone SE owners will be blissful to know Apple hasn’t spared anything when it comes to opening with a new 4-inch iPhone. The iPhone SE outperformed a iPhone 6s, and was closer to a iPhone 6s Plus on an AnTuTu benchmark.
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Apple appears to have overdelivered with a new 4-inch iPhone. The smartphone done an coming on AnTuTu and a measure was improved than a flagship iPhone 6s and on standard with a high-end iPhone 6s Plus.

Ever given Apple expelled a initial 4-inch iPhone, a iPhone 5 in Sep 2012, a days of a 3.5-inch displays that debuted on a strange iPhone by a iPhone 4s were numbered. At a time a iPhone 5 was released, many iPhone fans did not like a instruction a association was going with what they called enormous screens. Steve Jobs himself claimed a 3.5-inch distance was a ideal size, though it now appears a ideal distance is indeed 4 inches for many iPhone users.

Apple has been rumored to be operative on a new 4-inch iPhone given a recover of a iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014. Rumors intensified in early Jan that Apple would indeed launch a new 4-inch iPhone in a spring. We schooled a handset would possibly be called a iPhone 6c, iPhone 5se, and afterwards finally, iPhone SE, that finished adult being a central name.

The iPhone SE is accessible from all vital U.S. carriers and will be strictly released on Mar 31, nonetheless there are reports business have started receiving a smartphone early.

iPhone SE owners will be happy to know that they have a really absolute device in their hands. The smartphone has done an coming on AnTuTu benchmark and it posted a really considerable score. The iPhone SE received a measure of 134,358, while a iPhone 6s came in underneath it with a measure of 129,990, and a iPhone 6s Plus has 137,420.

It’s engaging to see a iPhone SE measure aloft than Apple’s flagship iPhone 6s, though it is pulling to a smaller arrangement with identical specs, like an A9 processor and 2 GB of RAM, so that competence explain a score. Either way, Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone doesn’t come with any trade-offs when it comes to performance.

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