India’s $4 Smartphone That Took The World By Storm Closes Booking, Adopts ‘Cash On Delivery’ Model

Freedom 251

Ringing Bells now imposes a “cash on delivery” process to business who wish to get their hands on a $4 Freedom 251 handset. This means business will now be compulsory to compensate usually after a handset has been delivered.
(Photo : Ringing Bells)

Noida-based Ringing Bells motionless to stop usurpation bookings for a Freedom 251, dubbed a world’s cheapest smartphone. Instead, a association will need business to compensate usually after a handset has been delivered.

The association betrothed to lapse a pre-booking income of 30,000 business who purebred on a central engagement site on a initial day a $4 handset went on sale. Customers can design to accept a reinstate in their comment any time within a week.

“In furthering a use to you, we, during Ringing Bells, have motionless to offer ‘Cash on Delivery’ terms vs a prior Offer of around ‘Payment Gateway,'” says a Freedom 251 team. “By this, you, a venerable Customer, will be compulsory to make remuneration usually when a phone is delivered to you.”

Ashok Chadha, boss of Ringing Bells, assures business that their income is protected and is being kept in an escrow during a bank. Those who sent payments by gateways such as PayU Biz and CCAvenue will be suggested by their particular banks for a reinstate procedure.

Chadha adds that a association has already given a minute to a bank and hopes that a income will be refunded this week so prolonged as there will be no procedural delay.

When Ringing Bells launched a Freedom 251 smartphone on Feb. 18, it perceived as many as 30,000 orders on a initial day alone. The association also reportedly perceived some-more than 70 million registrations, that eventually caused a remuneration gateway complement to crash.

The association had imposed a first-come, first-served process and pronounced it will select a rest of a purebred business who will get a initial 2.5 million accessible handsets before Jun 30, during a initial proviso of a sale.

Amid a fad and worldwide courtesy brought by a handset, Ringing Bells is now confronting an FIR and insult charges from Cyfuture, a BPO and information core also formed in Noida.

Anuj Bairathi, CEO and owner of Cyfuture, says a association has filed an FIR opposite Ringing Bells on a basement of rascal and non-payment of dues. There is also a probability to record a insult box after a Freedom 251 builder had allegedly “accused” a association of non-performance which, as Bairathi had commented, tarnished a company’s image.

Amitabh Kant, secretary of a Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, also done some clarifications on a emanate of a phone as partial of a “Make in India” and “Digital India” initiatives. According to a official, Freedom 251 is not, and has never been, a supervision project.

Chadha hopes that a new “cash on delivery” mode of payments for a Freedom 251 will foster clarity and transparent adult any misconceptions on a handset.

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