Ikea ENEBY Minimalist Bluetooth Speakers

Experience transparent and absolute sound with a Ikea ENEBY Minimalist Bluetooth Speakers. Offering station and wall mountain options, a ENEBY speakers yield optimal sound wherever we place them. Plus, they come with a hoop so we can simply hang them to save aspect space. Additionally, stealing a filigree fabric front exposes tools of a speakers for a minimalist look. To spin a orator on or off, only spin a knob. You can use a same doorknob to adjust a volume, drum or treble. The orator even turns off automatically to save appetite when it is not in use. By regulating Bluetooth connectivity, we can bond and play your favorite song from a far-reaching operation of Bluetooth-enabled inclination or bond around 3.5mm AUX. Furthermore, we can span adult to 8 inclination to a ENEBY speakers.

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