How to Install Lightweight Versions of Your Favorite Apps

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With an eye towards a building universe where people are some-more expected to possess inexpensive phones and have spottier wireless information access, a large names in tech are building easier versions of their apps. These apps are lightweight, use small data, and don’t bake by battery life. Sound good? It does to us too, and here’s how to give them a exam drive.


Switching to a “lite” app means you’ll have to do yet some of a visible gloss and imagination facilities of a full-blown version, yet we competence good cruise a trade-off value it for a softened battery life alone. These apps are also useful for roving abroad, when we competence wish to keep information use down to a smallest or can’t rest on a phone signal.

Facebook Lite

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Facebook Lite is directed during building nations with building telecom infrastructure, so chances are we won’t be means to implement it in your partial of a universe true from a Google Play store.


To get around this, open adult Settings in Android, daub Security, afterwards toggle a Unknown sources switch On. Get reason of a latest Facebook Lite package from APK MIrror, afterwards send it over to your phone (via email, Dropbox, or your process of choice). Run a file, daub by a confidence warnings, and you’re adult and running.

You won’t notice all that most disproportion in what Facebook Lite can do, yet a whole app is quicker and lighter, not to discuss uglier than a large brother. Unlike a categorical app, a Messenger partial of Facebook Lite is built into a same interface. If we only wish a Messenger knowledge on a own, that’s accessible too and can be installed in a same way.

iPhone users have no Lite option, yet we can opt to use a Facebook mobile site.

Skype Lite

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Built privately for India, Skype Lite is like Facebook Lite in that it’s listed on a Google Play store yet substantially not accessible to download in your partial of a world. Follow a instructions above for enabling apps from “unknown sources,” afterwards squeeze a Skype Lite app from APK Mirror. As with Facebook, this is an Android-only deal, so those of we on iOS will have to make do with a full-fat Skype.



Skype Lite is easy on your battery and other complement resources and doesn’t empty we information tie too much, deliberation it’s a video job app. Usefully, a app tells we how most information you’ve used.

Twitter Lite

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Twitter Lite is an central product, directed during building nations, yet it’s not an app—it’s a mobile Twitter website, engineered to be as fit as possible. Anyone can use it by streamer to

The same informed Twitter interface shows up, with a somewhat cleaner look, and entrance to your DMs and notifications as usual. Compared to a full experience, Twitter Lite caches some-more of your timeline, for an softened offline experience. To cut down on information usage, even more, daub your avatar afterwards spin on Data saver.

To pin a by-pass to Twitter Lite to your homescreen, open a categorical Chrome app menu and name Add to Home screen (Android) or daub a Share symbol in Safari afterwards name Add to Home Screen. Tap a idol you’ve combined and Twitter Lite opens in your browser.

Instagram Lite

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As with Twitter, we can bucket adult a slimmed-down chronicle of Instagram on a web, that recently combined print upload capabilities as prolonged as you’re browsing from a mobile device. Point your mobile browser of choice during, record in with your credentials, and your feed appears.