Hover Camera Passport Autonomous Self-Flying Camera

Introducing a Hover Camera Passport Autonomous Self-Flying Camera. To be clear, this is not a worker with a camera trustworthy though instead a high peculiarity camera that is means to fly. To use, simply chuck a Hover Camera into a atmosphere and watch as it immediately and automatically self-balances. It can also be stabilized to float in one position to constraint a singular angle. Equipped with 13 megapixels and 4K video quality, a Hover Camera can be set to automatically follow we wherever we go to record all of your adventures. Electronic picture stabilization ensures a footage is always solid while a CO fiber enclosing keeps a camera protected during a flight. Weighing reduction than 250 grams, a Hover Camera doesn’t need to be purebred with a FAA and is some-more unstable than any other drifting camera system. Crafted out of CO fiber, a Hover Camera is additional durable to falls and accidents.

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