HoloSuit Full Body Motion Capture Suit

Virtualize your whole physique with a HoloSuit Full Body Motion Capture Suit. This VR appendage uses haptic feedback to let we enter a practical world. Ideal for gaming and sports, a HoloSuit also allows we to sight for medical and troops situations. Compatible with VR, MR, AR, and RR, a HoloSuit facilities 36 fit tracking sensors, 9 haptic feedback points, and 6 buttons. It captures your whole body’s transformation information and uses haptic feedback to send information behind to you. Similarly, a fit marks and trains we in both a practical and genuine world. You can use a HoloSuit on a possess or while wearing a VR, AR or churned existence display. Likewise, we can also use it while observation a avatar on an outmost screen. There are several components to a suit, including a jacket, pants, gloves, and jersey. It also comes with a head, clavicle and feet extension.

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