HBO New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Trailer Breaks Viewing Records (Video)

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer

HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” deteriorate 6 trailer has cracked before observation annals for a trailer for a uncover on a network. The new season, that is underneath parsimonious lockdown, debuts on Apr 24.
(Photo : HBO | Tech Times)

The recover of a trailer for HBO’s arriving Game of Thrones deteriorate 6 pennyless observation annals for a compensate network. The hide look chalked adult over 30 million views in a initial day of release, violence out a before record-holder for many views in a day for a channel, set by deteriorate 5 of a strike show.

The shave perceived over 8 million views on a network’s YouTube channel as good as over 22 million eyeballs on a show’s central Facebook page, clearing a show’s before record of 27 million views for a trailer in 24 hours, achieved final year.

Game of Thrones is HBO’s biggest hit, and averaged only over 20 million views per part final deteriorate when including real-time viewing, streaming, DVR playback and views of repeat episodes. This year looks as if it might be staid to mangle records, as amicable media hum is during an all-time high per a show, that has been on lockdown in terms of releasing new episodes to a press or any information per plotlines for a new series. While a trailer contains some brief teasers, producers have been clever not to give many away.

HBO also recently pledged to boost a volume of strange tellurian programming it provides subscribers to a compensate wire channel and a standalone HBO Now streaming height by a healthy 50 percent in 2016. A good apportionment of those hours will be attributable to a new daily array pleasantness of VICE Media, along with new shows targeting millennials starring Jon Stewart.

The channel has already renewed a first-year play array Vinyl, that will join HBO’s flourishing line-up of originals, that includes hits like Game of Thrones, Girls and Veep. The network also has station offers done accessible to dual of a many critically-acclaimed strike comedies, Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Comeback. The particular creators/stars of a duo, Larry David and Lisa Kudrow, are both acquire to start prolongation of new episodes of their shows when they feel creatively desirous to do so. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones deteriorate 6 is set to entrance on Apr 24. You can perspective a trailer for a array below.

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