Hardgraft Slim iPhone Case

Maintain a slim interest of your iPhone while safeguarding it with a Hardgraft Slim iPhone Case. Offering a lush feel, a Slim iPhone box protects your high tech tool with a selected touch. The ultra-thin phone box is also a thinnest phone box from hardgraft. The box wraps your phone with a soothing dry black leather exterior. Likewise, a inside of a box uses soothing gray microsuede for additional protection. Whenever we need to answer a call, simply pull your phone of a case. In fact, a box comes with a half moon cut out to make stealing it that most easier. The half moon also allows we to assign your phone while it stays in a case. Even yet it competence be parsimonious during first, a box offers a ideal fit over time. The Slim iPhone Case is accessible for iPhone 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus and X.

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