Google Joins Facebook Open Compute Project To ‘Drive Standards In IT Infrastructure’ With New 48-Volt Rack Design

OCP vaunt hall

Facebook’s Open Compute Project now has Google on a side. The hunt association is now partial of a OCP that includes other tech companies such as Microsoft and Apple.
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Facebook’s Open Compute Project (OCP) was a amicable media company’s beginning to open adult a information core record to a rest of a world. Heavyweight tech companies assimilated a fray, including Microsoft, Intel, Rackspace and Apple.

There were dual holdouts among a largest Internet companies, namely Google and Amazon, that have kept their information core designs all to themselves. Google, however, has now left Amazon alone by fasten a OCP currently during a Open Compute Project Summit.

In a past, Google would willingly share some of a designs of a servers and information centers around white papers, though a association would still keep a infancy of a middle workings to itself. The secrecy behind a information centers was one of a rival advantages it had over companies usually like Facebook.

Now as Google joins a OCP, a hunt company’s initial vital grant to a organisation will be a 48-volt shelve energy placement architecture. These are some-more modernized than a stream 12-volt designs used in many other information centers, as these are means to support higher-performance computing systems while being some-more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Google has been regulating a 48-volt designs for years so a record is some-more than prepared for some-more widespread use outward of Google’s information centers.

“We feel gentle with a robustness of a pattern and a reliability,” says John Zipfel, Technical Program Manager during Google.

Besides pity hardware, Google’s SVP in assign of infrastructure Urs Holzle pronounced during a Open Compute Project Summit that a association also has other OCP projects in mind. These embody a standardization of software, alternatives to SNMP (which is used to share operational information inside information centers) and redesigning hoop drives used in cloud information centers to improved work together.

By mixing their knowledge, these companies eventually assistance brazen record to a subsequent turn in several areas such as synthetic intelligence. Making AI occur during a worldwide scale will need a turn of partnership good adequate to make a large neural network work.

It’s not usually Google giving to a group, however. Facebook is also pity a designs for a GPU-based complement that powers a networks, while Intel and Microsoft are also approaching to contention some of their technologies during a OCP event.

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