Glow Battle Interactive Light-Up Sword Game

Get prepared to take diversion night to all new levels with a Glow Battle Interactive Light-Up Sword Game. Fun for kids as good as adults, this diversion keeps we relocating even after a object goes down. Glow Battle is as fun as it is simple. Players lift a soothing light-up sword and wear a light-up bracelet to uncover how many lives are left. The aim of a diversion is to strike a other players with your sword (avoiding a head, of course). If we get hit, we conduct to a metamorphosis zone. But be careful! If we get strike again, you’re out. The group with a final chairman station wins it all. Whether it’s occupying a area kids after dim or settling an evidence during home, Glow Battle is fun for everybody and promotes teamwork. Best of all, it keeps we relocating and off your devices.

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