Game review: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a Master System remake

Game review: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap is a illusory Master System remake
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – a dictatorial remake

The Sega Master System classical creates an astonishing return, with some of a best graphics you’ll see all year.

It’s easy to get asocial about a clearly unconstrained tide of remasters and remakes. When they’re dredging adult no-name tosh like Voodoo Vince it feels like there’s already a hole in a bottom of a tub and companies have resorted to routing by a balderdash store it’s station on. Especially when a subsequent one that comes along is an aged Sega Master System diversion that frequency anyone even remembers. But possibly you’ve listened of it before or not, it’s kind of intolerable usually how good The Dragon’s Trap still is.

Wonder Boy has presumably a many involved story of any video diversion series, all stemming from a fact that strange developer Escape protected a strange diversion to both Sega and Hudson. Sega got to use a name, while Hudson had to rename their chronicle to Adventure Island, nonetheless conjunction owns a rights to any of a strange impression designs. Things afterwards got even some-more confused with a Monster Land sub-brand, and a fact that there are dual totally opposite games called Wonder Boy III. This is one of them, nonetheless it also has during slightest dual other totally opposite names – one of that is Wonder Boy II.

If all we remember is a strange Wonder Boy, afterwards we might be wondering what such a uncomplicated side-scrolling platformer has finished to acquire such a difficult life story. But a sequels were surprisingly worldly movement role-players, and The Dragon’s Trap is widely regarded by fans as an equal to NES contemporaries such as Metroid and Castlevania. Something that this lovingly crafted reconstitute some-more than ably proves.

Despite a series’ weird story a mainline entries do have an ongoing storyline, and so we start The Dragon’s Trap by being accursed with a lizardman physique (although distinct a strange we can now plays as a child or a girl). That isn’t as bad as it sounds though, as it means we can separate fireballs and provide lava like lather. Nevertheless, returning to tellurian form is your series one goal, that requires we to better a method of opposite dragons and… that’s flattering most it when it comes to tract details.

Perhaps we’re being a small overzealous in describing a diversion as a role-player, nonetheless there is a full apartment of weapons, shields, enchanting items, and armour to acquire from shops and as rob – all with their possess opposite stats. And while it’s healthy to review any identical new diversion with Zelda: Breath Of The Wild we didn’t consider we’d be doing so with a remaster of a 28-year-old Master System game. And nonetheless a operation of equipment, a loot, and a consistent pull to boost your limit series of hearts, bears during slightest a flitting similarity.

But during a core The Dragon’s Trap is a platformer, and on those terms it’s rather some-more ordinary. The controls are a hold sleazy and a platforming is frequency actively enjoyable. And nonetheless fight requires a certain volume of calm in terms of training conflict patterns and rivalry tells, mechanically a diversion is unequivocally display a age.

There is a good gimmick though, in that each time we kick a dragon trainer we get a ability to renovate into a new animal form. This is where a diversion unequivocally starts to intrude on Metroidvania territory, with a rodent form that can stand walls and ceilings, a Lion-o substitute with a hulk sword, and a hawkguy that can fly nonetheless is allergic to water.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (PS4) - that doesn't demeanour like a Master System game...
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PS4) – that doesn’t demeanour like a Master System game…

The elephant (or rather lizardman) in a room is how illusory that game’s new visuals are. Developer Lizardcube are French, with one of a artists carrying worked on a aged favourite Soul Bubbles, and a hand-drawn design is usually exquisite, with an equally pleasing new soundtrack. The glorious animation is ripping with celebrity and nonetheless all is still directly desirous by a strange game, to a indicate where we can switch between new and aged styles, for possibly graphics or music, during any time – most like a Halo remakes. Not usually that nonetheless aged passwords from a strange book will still work, given they’re still essentially a same game.

This creates unavoidable problems though, and not usually a so-so platforming. There’s conspicuous issues with strike detection, that we suppose comes from carrying to compare adult a dual vastly opposite graphical options, and, inevitability, with a difficulty. It’s not indeed that bad for a initial few hours nonetheless during around a median indicate a diversion starts to get unreasonably hard. Not usually that nonetheless there are critical apparatus that we need to swell that can’t be bought from shops, and that we have to wish are forsaken during pointless by teenager enemies – that can take ages.

None of these issues are adequate to spoil a fun wholly though, and it’s still conspicuous how small Lizardcube has had to change for such an old, and mostly forgotten, game. It’s simply one of a best remakes we’ve ever seen, nonetheless we now wish that they’ll persevere their apparent talents towards creation something wholly original. Because a diversion that plays as good as this looks unequivocally would be wonderful.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

In Short: One of a best retro remakes there’s ever been, and nonetheless a gameplay infrequently shows a age a graphics are among a best of a year.

Pros: Outstandingly pleasing visuals, and a adore for a strange diversion that is utterly touching. Equally good soundtrack and some high peculiarity Metroidvania character action.

Cons: The platforming and fight is really uncomplicated by complicated standards, with dangerous strike detection. A nasty problem spike and vapid object drops.

Score: 7/10

Formats: PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC
Price: £15.99
Publisher: DotEmu
Developer: Lizardcube
Release Date: 18th Apr 2017 (June on PC)
Age Rating: 3

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