Game review: Prey aims to be BioShock in space

Game review: Prey aims to be BioShock in space
Prey (PS4) – not as intolerable as it should be

Bethesda’s new initial chairman role-player tries to carve out a new sci-fi epic desirous by Dishonored and System Shock.

Just like flourishing a D-Day landings and saving New York City, many gamers have substantially explored some-more than a few deserted space stations in their time. Perhaps it’s been invaded by aliens or overtaken by a brute AI, yet fundamentally it always ends adult with we scavenging passed bodies for useful apparatus and reading all their emails. Given that laxity any new diversion attempting to use a identical unfolding needs to find a possess singular angle, or risk branch a fantastical into a sadly predictable. But notwithstanding some important successes that’s not something Prey ever utterly manages.

This Prey has 0 to do with a 2006 diversion of a same name, in terms of possibly story or gameplay. Bethesda has merely recycled a name, even yet it doesn’t unequivocally fit thematically with a inlet of a game. What it should be called is System Shock 3, given it owes such a outrageous debt to Looking Glass’ dual 90s classics. Indeed, developer Arkane Studios happily acknowledge that not customarily is this a devout supplement yet that System Shock has been a outrageous successful on all their prior work – including Dishonored. Although Prey is radically a work of their American studio, not their categorical French team.

If you’ve already played a demo of Prey, that is fundamentally a initial hour of a game, afterwards we substantially have a rather lopsided viewpoint of what it’s about, during slightest in terms of storytelling and tone. The account sleight of palm and references to Philip K. Dick that start a diversion are not during all demonstrative of a rest of a plot, that fast settles down to a disappointingly paltry story of visitor invasion.

The categorical class of visitor is a spiderlike quadruped that looks like someone scribbled a initial judgment art in black biro and nobody suspicion to labour it further. All a other visitor variants have a likewise threadlike look, and are entirely uninteresting from both a gameplay and visible perspective. The smaller mimics do have one neat pretence though, in that that they can deception themselves as any intent of allied mass.

They customarily duplicate something else nearby, and so your entrance into a new room is mostly preceded by a questionable scuffling as you’re left wondering either it’s a flare or a coffee crater that’s indeed a flesh-eating beast (if there’s dual of something where it doesn’t unequivocally make clarity – like twin balderdash bins – that’s customarily a good clue). But notwithstanding a consistent tide of burst scares Prey unequivocally isn’t during all frightening. To a indicate where we’re still not certain either it’s even ostensible to be.

It doesn’t assistance that too many of a diversion usually looks like you’re erratic around an typical building, with prosaic lighting and bland, customarily vaguely sci-fi-looking corridors. The diversion has no visible temperament of a own, usually an uninteresting reduction of understated ‘60s futurism and BioShock character art deco. Compared to Alien Isolation, or even indie diversion SOMA, it looks and feels like an unexceptional Xbox 360 game.

Prey (PS4) - a space walks are a clear highlight
Prey (PS4) – a space walks are a clear highlight

Prey didn’t need to be frightful to be a success yet a bigger problem is that a fight and secrecy is so simple and unengaging. Although we benefit a far-reaching operation of sci-fi weapons and gadgets, from a gun that shoots quick-drying froth (which can also be used to emanate walkways and ladders) to a hulk laser gun, ammo is in brief supply and traffic with mimics mostly comes down to usually bludgeoning them with a gorilla wrench. But it’s always really tough to tell if your blows are landing, and both m�lange and ranged fight infer really unsatisfying.

You fast start to realize that secrecy is a improved option, yet all this amounts to is crouching down and relying on a fact that a aliens and reprogrammed robots are really foolish and really forgetful. Even if we do go a secrecy route, exiting an area and returning unexpected repopulates it with enemies; that total with a huge bucket times fast saps your will to backtrack. This is a contrition since a space station’s turn pattern is one of a game’s best facilities – generally a approach we can go outside, stratagem around in 0 gravity, and come behind in another airlock.

It’s these Metroidvania aspects that spirit during a many improved diversion Prey could’ve been, and by a time we got to a final third of a diversion – where it starts spamming unconstrained hordes of enemies during we in increasingly uninteresting conform – we came to a startling end that a diversion would substantially have been improved off though any aliens during all. Or during slightest distant less. As a outcome it’s one of a few games we’d advise personification in easy mode, and customarily wish we’d famous to do that in a playthrough.

Prey is during a best when you’re exploring and perplexing to work out how to entrance a sold area, or strech a new pass card. Many of a bedrooms are radically hulk nonplus boxes, your collection for elucidate them contingent on that weapons we have and that abilities you’ve unbarred around a several ability trees.

Increasing your hacking or correct skills can yield a discerning solution, as can augmenting your strength to pierce incomparable objects out of a way. Later on we get to use visitor abilities such as telekinesis and morphing, nonetheless during a risk of programmed turrets identifying we as non-human and opening fire. The many gratifying solutions yet make use of a glorious production engine, and a game’s rarely interactive universe full of bomb gas tanks and descending debris.

The nonplus and scrutiny aspects of Prey are really engaging, with mixed solutions for roughly each problem, yet all else is a grave disappointment. Not slightest since it all seems so out-of-date and predictable. We’ve complained about a overuse of audio logs and diary entries in these sorts of games before, yet it’s removing over a fun now that such an outdated, uninteractive form of storytelling is still a default for so many initial chairman scrutiny game.

At times Prey skirts on a corner of mass yet ironically for a scholarship novella diversion it owes distant too many to a past. Rather than looking to pull a genre brazen it’s spooky customarily with mimicking what already exists.


In Short: A squandered event to emanate a complicated take on System Shock, with a lifeless storytelling and movement overshadowing a differently effective nonplus elements.

Pros: Huge, well-designed diversion world, filled with engaging environmental puzzles and side quests. Wide operation of useful weapons, gadgets, and abilities.

Cons: Highly derivative premise, with a fast squandered plot. Dull, unsatisfying fight and stealth. Equally uninteresting enemies and drab visible design. Long loading times between areas.

Score: 6/10

Formats: PlayStation 4 (reviewed), Xbox One, and PC
Price: £49.99
Publisher: Bethesda
Developer: Arkane Studios Austin
Release Date: 5th May 2017
Age Rating: 18

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