FurniQi Bamboo Qi Wireless Charging Side Table

Just leave your phone on a list to assign with a FurniQi Bamboo Qi Wireless Charging Side Table. Featuring a Qi Wireless Charging spot, a FurniQi list can assign any of your Qi concordant devices. Additionally, we can simply see where to place your device interjection to a pointed laser engraving. Likewise, a cast creates it easy to put your device in a scold mark during night but any light. The superb and elementary side list uses a bamboo material, charity a singular demeanour and feel that works good in any environment. Furthermore, a FurniQi list comes with a customary USB wire that matches a coming of a list with a caramel color. Therefore, we can use any energy source or USB wall adapter. Finally, a FurniQi list discreetly hides and isolates your electronics, so it functions as a unchanging side table.

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