Firefly Swiss Army Knife Fire Starter

Always be prepared when we have a Firefly Swiss Army Knife Fire Starter. The Firefly is a sparking steel that totally upgrades your bland lift knife. Sliding into a SAK toothpick slot, it uses a tradition mix of singular earth elements to yield sparks when we need it. In fact, it’s twice as clever and twice as easy to hint as normal firesteel tools. Furthermore, The Firefly is also softer to assistance forestall repairs to your blade edges. You can also use it with a saw, file, can opener, pliers, scissors, blade blade, fish scaler, and most more. Because of a formation with a toothpick slot, a Firefly works with other Swiss Army collection with toothpicks. In addition, it comes in a Firefly Mini chronicle for some-more compress knives. Finally, a heat in a dim thumbnail hold during a tip creates it easy to lift out during any time.

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