Fifish P3 Underwater Camera Robot

Explore a universe next a aspect with a Fifish P3 Underwater Camera Robot. Complete with absolute engines and a leak-proof design, this durable drudge can accompany we on any dive. In fact, a Fifish P3 can hoop inlet adult to 330 feet while still operative perfectly. Built into a swimming drudge is a 4K underwater camera. Recording in such a high fortitude brings a underwater universe to life for we to relive again and again. Or, if you’re looking for present gratification, we can live-stream a calm to your audience. However, live-streaming offers usually adult to 1080p HD. Compact and designed to go anywhere, a Fifish P3 weighs only 6 kilograms. Plus, we get a customized controller to establish where it goes and how it moves. Although a recover date is unknown, a Fifish P3 will be partial of a pre-order debate soon.

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