Facebook owns 4 of a 5 many downloaded apps in 2017

Foursquare only took a demeanour during a impact of ratified recreational pot on a bar industry. Based on their findings, it seems that authorised weed had unequivocally small distinct impact on bar tabs, since people suffer both staying home with a collection of pot brownies and a full deteriorate of Bojack Horseman and assembly a crony during a bar for a drink or two.

For their study, Foursquare looked during a 12-month duration in Oregon, after recreational pot use was ratified in 2015. While visits to wine stores grew by 5% to 10%, they were slower than in a rest of a United States. However, visits to “nightlife spots” (that includes each form of bar, lounge, club, and brewery) grew on standard with a inhabitant average.

As for demographics of pot buyers, 46% of hospital visitors were millennials ages 21-34; and they might have been attack a pot emporium with their baby boomer grandparents, since 23% of visitors were over a age of 55. (That could positively make family diversion night some-more interesting.) 

Foursquare also has singular entrance to a food cravings of stoners, who are apparently unequivocally into dumplings and ramen. Other than cravings, recreational pot users were generally not vital adult to a slacker stereotype, as Foursquare found that they were some-more expected to revisit ski resorts, climbing gyms, stadiums, and bike shops than normal Foursquare users. Score one for a stoners, eh? 

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