Emu’s Android texting app is unequivocally smart

Emu app

Emu app creates SMS smarter
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Former Apple, Google, and Yahoo engineers have come together to make SMS smarter and helpful. One operative built Siri, led Google Voice for mobile, and also spent a few years during Apple. The other led Yahoo Messenger and is also a male behind a redesign of TechCrunch. Together, these people are attempting to reinvent a renouned text-based height – a SMS – to be smarter. So far, a final creation of SMS was a ability to supplement pictures. However, given then, zero most has happened, notwithstanding paving a approach for several Internet Messengers to arise.

The new SMS app is called Emu, and from what we understand, a app knows what a user is observant and adds what a association calls “Smart Buttons to content messages.” That means, users will have a ability to automatically set-up a assembly in their calendar. As a user searches for a movie, he/she can squeeze tickets right from Emu. When articulate with a crony about favorite restaurants or where to eat, a choice is there to haven a mark around OpenTable.

Furthermore, users can share their live plcae with a chairman their texting. It’s utterly impressive, and could work wonders for relatives who competence have a need to always know where their children are located.

The app is constantly examination and listening. Always watchful for a event to assistance though a need for a user to rivet with it.

“When we started operative on a app, we wanted to do a things people are articulate about in content messages, and near-time coordination is what a lot of people do when texting,” pronounced co-founder and CEO Gummi Hafsteinsson, who before worked with Siri during Apple.

Clearly a group has something engaging going on here, that is a reason Emu has perceived $1.5 million in appropriation from angel investors and top-tier try capitalists.

The stream chronicle of a app is usually accessible for Android devices; an iOS chronicle is in a pipeline, though lacking an central recover date during this time. Yet again, users of a Windows Phone 8 height are left in a cold.

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