Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet

Stay protected and connected on your rides when we have a Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet. This state-of-the-art pattern has unconventional specs to keep we going. Of course, during a base, a Omni Helmet is designed to keep your noggin protected and sound. However, it also facilities bone conduction record to broach audio right to your ears. Plus, there’s a wind-resistant microphone trustworthy to a front so we can even take calls but dismounting. The Omni Helmet also facilities a intelligent remote that allows for hands-free control. Plus, a app syncs with STRAVA as good as MapMyRide so we can record in pivotal metrics. When we brake, a LED lights will automatically irradiate to let others on a highway know. While this keeps we safer, a Omni Helmet also detects impacts. When it does, it shoots off a GPS plcae warning to your puncture contact.

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