Boardy Modular USB Sofa Organizer

Easily classify your lounge space with a Boardy Modular USB Sofa Organizer. Featuring a captivating modular system, Boardy allows we to barter between panels to fit your needs. With a easy to mountain design, Boardy conveniently adapts to your lounge space so that all your essentials are tighten by. Additionally, we can firmly place your crater of tea on tip but worrying that it will fall. Likewise, it comes with a apart container of your phone, notebook, and papers. Boardy also provides dual USB ports so we can assign your inclination but carrying to leave a sofa. Made from high-quality wood, a detachable panels simply insert regulating clever magnets. You don’t even need any collection or glue to mountain your Boardy given a stop magnets capacitate we to fit it in underneath a minute. Aside from your sofa, Boardy is also useful during your table and in a kitchen or bedroom.

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