Apple Wants A Slimmer iPhone 7 And Will Reportedly Use Fan-Out Packaging Technology


Rumors explain that Apple will be regulating fan-out wrapping record to make a iPhone 7 even thinner and lighter compared to a iPhone 6s. Apple is pronounced to be a initial smartphone manufacturer that will be requesting a technology.
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According to a latest rumors, a iPhone 7 will be even thinner and lighter compared to a iPhone 6s, with a Korean website deliberating technical sum on how Apple could save space within a smartphone to grasp such a feat.

ETNews claims that Apple is formulation to implement a new fan-out wrapping record for iPhone 7’s radio magnitude chip and receiver switching module. The record will concede for some-more I/O terminals while shortening chip size.

Apple is pronounced to be a initial smartphone manufacturer that will be applying the technology, that will be used alongside single-chip EMI shields to be means to fit some-more components into one package but causing vigilance loss. The technology, that pulls out a wiring of I/O terminals to outward a chip, will also assistance in shortening cases of wireless communication interference.

To save space, a radio magnitude chip, that is located inside a receiver switching module, will include a span of chips in a singular package instead of carrying dual chips built into one printed circuit board.

The use of fan-out wrapping record for a iPhone 7 is a latest in a already-busy gossip indent for Apple’s subsequent flagship smartphone.

A recently leaked design apparently revealed that a iPhone 7 will have a 7.04 watt-hour battery, that is an alleviation compared to a 6.61 watt-hour battery of a iPhone 6s. In comparison, however, a iPhone 6 had a 7.01 watt-hour battery.

There is no information on a voltage for a iPhone 7 though, that means that no accurate assign capabilities can be discerned from a leak.

Another new gossip involves what is pronounced to be a initial genuine design of a iPhone 7 Plus. The design shows that a iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual-lens camera housed in a extending closure, a LED peep and microphone alongside a dual-lens camera, Smart Connector support and repositioned receiver bands.

It could not be seen from a images if a iPhone 7 will indeed do divided with a 3.5mm headphone jack in preference of a Lightning connector.

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