Android-Powered BlackBerry Hamburg And BlackBerry Rome Tipped For This Year

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry competence recover dual new smartphones in 2016, codenamed Hamburg and Rome. According to reports, a dual inclination will be directed during a mid-range and top-tier niches, though doubt is recommended. Pictured: BlackBerry Priv.
(Photo : BlackBerry)

BlackBerry seems to be going by a severe patch lately, though rumors flush about dual arriving smartphone models allegedly alighting after this year.

It should be mentioned that, in a mobile world, information leaks come in dual flavors: a “solid” rumors that arrive around devoted and accurate sources, and rumors that should be taken with a normal pellet of salt. The dual supposed BlackBerry handsets tumble into a second category, so review on to learn a details.

BBCzech, a Czech website that focuses on BlackBerry developments, reports that 2016 is a year when a marketplace will see not one, though dual new BlackBerry Android smartphones. Technical sum of a dual handsets are flimsy, as a site gives no sold information on a specs.

However, a source claims to have current information on a names of a phones.

The BlackBerry “Hamburg” sits in a mid-range tier and packs an critical surprise: a handset will miss a iconic BlackBerry keyboard, regulating usually a touchscreen for input. The Hamburg should arrive no after than a autumn of 2016.

The BlackBerry “Rome” is a bit different, as BBCzech records that a device will position itself in a reward category. Rumors indicate out that it will follow in a stairs of a BlackBerry Priv, that means that it will competition both a earthy keyboard and a touchscreen.

The Rome should hurl out someday nearby a finish of a year.

Despite carrying really small plain belligerent to work on, a dual new inclination are plausible. Looking during a fixing alone, it shows smoothness with BlackBerry’s Priv, that some reports codenamed “Venice” before a launch. 

Previous rumors hinted during a fact that a OEM is also operative on delivering a new phone, dubbed Vienna.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen did endorse behind in Jan that his association skeleton to launch during slightest one new Android phone this year, so this new news is not too farfetched. Until central confirmation, however, keep a sip of skepticism.


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