Allegro Sonic Electric Toothbrush Cup Kit

Take caring of your verbal health on a go with a Allegro Sonic Electric Toothbrush Cup Kit. Offering 4 functions in one, this transport toothbrush pack provides UV sterilization, wireless charging, drying, and portability. It facilities preliminary sterilization and drying, that shuts off automatically once it reaches full charge. The Allegro Sonic Electric Toothbrush has 3 modes including clean, sensitive, and whitening depending on your needs. Additionally, it offers 31,000 vibrations per minute, gripping your teeth as purify as possible. Likewise, a UV sterilization kills 99.72% germs. The two-minute timer also ensures that we purify your teeth for a optimal volume of time. With a compress design, we can use a Allegro toothbrush during home or while traveling. It’s also waterproof so we can even use it in a shower. The toothbrush has a 30-day battery life as good as a low battery reminder.

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